25 Aug, 2016

New maps

The map print on the Long distance was not satisfying regarding quality. New maps will be…
25 Aug, 2016

Olav Lundanes is men’s champion

Olav Lundanes, Norway ran a superb race today on a very tough course to take victory by…
25 Aug, 2016

WOC Long Distance: Tove Alexandersson again victorious

The finish to the women’s race was intensely exciting as Tove Alexandersson, Sweden…
25 Aug, 2016

Unique Keepsakes to the WOC & WTOC Medal Winners

The Keepsake for all the medal winners from the municipalities of Strömstad and Tanum is…



Strömstad-Tanum, Sweden
August 20-28

WOC 2016  is the name of the complete event in Strömstad, Tanum, Bohuslän and Dalsland in August 20-28 2016 including World Orienteering Championships, World Trail Orienteering Championships, The spectator races "Rocky Orienteering Championships and a lot more activities with the motto: Wild, Open, Challenge

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woclinkintroWTOC | World Trail Orienteering Championships
woclinkintroROC | Rocky Orienteering Circus


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