Overview map – Training areas

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Training opportunities

Individual athletes, federations and clubs can buy maps or map files from the organizer.

No courses will be set by the organizer.

All these 8 maps/terrains are relevant for WOC2016:

  1. Hälle East (used at national competition ”Strömstadsmedeln” April 2nd 2016)
  2. Kasen-Slätmossen
  3. Näsinge West
  4. Tveteskogen
  5. Råsshult-Hälle (used at national competition ”Kvillebyns klassiska” April 3rd 2016
  6. Tjärndalen (used at WOC test middle distance, June 10th 2016)
  7. Önnebacka-Munkedal  (used at World Cup middle distance, June 7th 2015)
  8. Näsingeåsen (used at WOC test long distance, June 12th 2016)

Training Camp no 5 (June 8th – June 15th)

WED 8th to WED 15th: maps with middle/long distance courses available for training in relevant terrain. Teams/nations could also organize their own trainings.

June 8th In addition to the maps already available, these three new maps available until June 15th:
1)    Hälle Öst, 10 flags (no courses)
2)    Kasen/Slätmossen, 15 flags (no courses)
3)    Grebbestad (sprint), no flags
June 9th Test Sprint, Lysekil. Emit touch free punching and EQTiming for time keeping will be used.
June 10th Test Middle, Tjärndalen (Strömstad). SI for punching and timing.
June 11th Map from the Middle test (including courses with flags) may be used until June 15th.
June 12th Test Long, Näsinge (Strömstad). SI for puncing and timing.
June 13th Map from Long test (including courses with flags) may be used until June 15th.
June 14th-15th Maps to be used as above.

Special information about the test competitions:

The Sprint test will use Emit touch free for punching and EQTiming system for timing. All equipment for timing and punching will be provided by the organizer. This will make the competition identical to the WOC competitions regarding the athletes equipment and technic for punching and timing. Every nation will be a start group of their own, with one minut interval. Results will be presented for each nation individually.

At the Middle and Long tests it will be Sportident for punching and timing. The competition will be open for 4-5 hours, depending on the number of entries. No start list, timing starts with start punching.

At the Middle and Long competitions there will also be a Tecnical Model Event, giving everyone possibility to try the Emit touch free punching again.