Lysekil – Sprint Distance

During 2015, Pre WOC was held in Lysekil and Munkedal. On the Swedish national day, the 6th of June, the residents of Lysekil had the opportunity to watch some of the best runners in the world compete in the inner parts of the city. The format was Sprint, which tends to be more entertaining for the audience, as compared to PreO, for instance. Many of the runners have the capacity to run 10 000 meters in tough terrain, and their skills manifested themselves in front of a big audience this sunny day in Lysekil.

Swedish competitors


Beforehand, Swedish coach Håkan Carlsson assembled a record squad (in terms of numbers). Among the competitors was Tove Alexandersson, who won two gold medals the following year, at the official WOC. Overall, there are many up-and-coming runners in Sweden at the moment, and so was the case also in 2015.


  • Tove Alexandersson (sprint, sprint relay, middle distance, long distance)
  • Anna Bachman (middle distance, long distance)
  • Annika Billstam (sprint, sprint relay, middle distance, long distance)
  • Lena Eliasson (sprint, middle distance)
  • Josefine Engström (sprint, middle distance, long distance)


  • David Andersson (middle distance)
  • Gustav Bergman (sprint, sprint relay, middle distance, long distance)
  • Olle Boström (sprint, long distance)
  • Filip Dahlgren (long distance)
  • Fredrik Johansson (middle distance, long distance)


Lysekil is a picturesque town in the west of Sweden. As of 2010, around 7 500 inhabited the near-coast locality. The population tends to increase dramatically during the summer, due to its popularity as a tourist destination. People come here for attractions like Skaftö, with its beautiful fishing villages, and Havets Hus, with its big and diverse aquarium.

Others come for the food, which, with the sea next door, offers a wide array of seafood dishes and restaurants. Regarding accommodation, some choose to bring a tent and stay in a campsite, while others stay at luxurious hotels.